Funeral Feeding Groups Update

A meeting was held on Thursday, July 2, 2020 in the Dutch Meeting Hall; Pastor Heidi opened the meeting with prayer and explained what Christian hospitality means to those serving and those being served in their time of bereavement. This meeting discussion included:

Because of COVID-19 and concern over food and serving safety, the menu offered to the bereaved family has been temporally changed to:

  • individual pre wrapped sub sandwiches
  • individually packaged chips 
  • fruit salad

Decisions can be made with the help of the Pastor, as the family will have a choice of the meal being served at church before visitation, or after depending upon the time of the funeral service. The family also has the option of the food (sandwiches, chips and fruit salad) along with sodas and paper products being delivered and left at the home to be served by the family as needed. It is helpful to have a count of immediate family members and/or out of town family who will be eating, if there will be more than 25 people, please advise the Pastor so that the group serving can be prepared. 

The previous four funeral serving groups have combined into two groups:

  • Groups 1 & 3 have merged together to form Group A

         Chairwomen for Group A are: Faye Kesler, Nancy Kesler, Janet Overcash, Sylvia Peeler, and Patsy Sigmon.

  • Groups 2 & 4 have merged together to form Group B.

         Chairwomen for Group B are: Anna Harrelson, Joan Kerns, Ruby Leazer, Daisy Martin, Dawn Merrell, Doris Page, and Cathy Painther.

When you are notified of a death within our church family, please respond to the need from your particular group.  We all have been touched by the loss of a loved one and know how it feels to be embraced by your church family by the simple gesture as being served a meal during difficult times. Thank you for your help and consideration in these matters. May God Bless You and Keep You, Always. 

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