Weekly Friday Prayer Vigil

Thank you for joining us for this call to prayer for our church, community and our world during these trying times. We have provided a suggested guide for prayer, but we would like for you to be open for how the Spirit may lead you during the time. We ask that you commit to staying at least 30 minutes.

We would like to begin this Friday, March 20, but realize the short notice. If you can’t commit to this Friday, please consider signing up for times next Friday.


The keepers of the vigil may sign up for half-hour or one hour time segments. You may go into the sanctuary or drive up to the cross under the breezeway and park enabling you to remain in your car.

Please call Tara Davis at 704-754-7357 in order to sign up. An updated sign-up sheet will be posted as people sign up.

9:00-9:30 ___________________
9:30-10:00 ___________________
10:00-10:30 ___________________
10:30-11:00 ___________________
11:00-11:30 ___________________
11:30-12:00 ___________________
12:00-12:30 ___________________
12:30-1:00 ___________________
1:00-1:30 ___________________
1:30-2:00 ___________________
2:00-2:30 ___________________
2:30-3:00 ___________________
3:00-3:30 ___________________
3:30-4:00 ___________________

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