Siimon Haamer to Speak at Union

We are pleased to announce that Pastor Siimon Haamer will speak this Sunday at Union Lutheran Church. Pastor Haamer first visited Union in 2019.

Siimon Haamer

From Pastor Haamer:

I’m myself a third generetion lutheran pastor and I’m representing a family that has been sharing word of God for Estonian people already almost throughout a century despite of persecution and hardships that we as Christians experienced under Soviet occupation during 50 years after WW 2. Because of atheistic Soviet regime Christian contnuity was cut on our country. Our goal is to tie these broken connnections again and to proclaim word of God in Estonia for generations to come. For this purpose we have launched Christian college Tartu Academy of Theology and Christian outreach center Home of Hope.

Following is a short description of our activities and achievements that are changing lives in Estonia today:

132 bachelor and master students currently learning at Tartu Academy and Lutheran Seminary

20 new bachelor and master students admitted this autumn

200 students attending Bible School during three years

21,500 calls have been made to the Pastoral Care 24/7 telephone line during the last 20 months

About 80 young people participate in various youth events

600 people have visited Home of Hope to attend various seminars and conferences

Christian radio, located at Home of Hope, broadcasts throughout a 1.5-2 million square mile area

Our Pastoral Care Center is having good co-operation with local governments and is offering pastoral care for Estonian people.

Here are some resources for you in order to get more information about Estonia and our mission work:

Our website address is

Our Facebook address is

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