SUICIDE: What does the Bible teach about this reality in our fallen world?

As of this writing I am not sure how many weeks we will be dealing with this difficult topic as I am in the process of developing it for you.

I have been in active pastoral ministry for over 46 years. One of the most difficult areas of pastoral care is dealing with suicide. I have had to minister to people and families whose lives have been torn asunder because a loved one or friend took their own lives.

A few years ago I taught a session on suicide and over 70 people came. The great majority had experienced the pain of suicide either in their family, or had been touched by a tragic death by someone they knew. Many times people believe things about suicide that have no biblical basis.

My presenting these modules on suicide help to address these issues as well as to give practical advice when one’s life is turned upside down by the aftermath of suicide.

– Pastor Tom Corbell

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