Advent is a season observed in many Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas as well as the return of Jesus at the second coming. The term “Advent” is a version of the Latin word meaning “coming”.

The Advent Wreath

The Advent wreath first appeared in Germany in 1839. A Lutheran minister working at a mission for children created a wreath out of the wheel of a cart. He placed twenty small red candles and four large white candles inside the ring. The red candles were lit on weekdays and the four white candles were lit on Sundays.

Eventually, the Advent wreath was created out of evergreens, symbolizing everlasting life in the midst of winter and death. The circle reminds us of God’s unending love and the eternal life He makes possible. Advent candles are often nestled in the evergreen wreath. Additional decorations, like holly and berries, are sometimes added. Their red color points ahead to Jesus’ sacrifice and death. Pinecones can symbolize the new life that Jesus brings through His resurrection. Families begin lighting a candle on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and they light another candle each subsequent Sunday. *

At Union Lutheran we use the color blue for both the cloth paraments on the altar, lectern and pulpit. The four candles are also blue and the color blue represents “hope”. Our hope is in the coming One – Jesus Christ our Lord.


Our Advent Wreath Lighting Families

12/2   First Sunday in Advent – The Prophecy Candle – The Dusty Morgan Family
12/9   Second Sunday in Advent – The Bethlehem Candle – The Luther John Lyerly Family
12/16 Third Sunday in Advent – The Shepherd Candle – The Matt Miller Family
12/23   Fourth Sunday in Advent – The Angels Candle – The Pete Nguyen Family

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